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A woman, a log cabin, and a need—that’s how it all started.

In 1999, in Spencerville, Ohio, Shara Kay Dine decided to stop working. She had previously graduated from Bowling Green State University and had been working as an environmental and safety compliance officer for automotive coatings as well as an environmental regulator for air pollution control. When she stopped working, everyone kept calling for advice. So instead of becoming a housewife in a log cabin, she started providing compliance guidance and the calls have never stopped. Founded on the work ethic of dairy farmers—get up early, get the work done, and then go do it again—Dine Comply, Inc., was established to provide services that make environmental and safety compliance achievable.

“To this day, my father still asks me what I do. I always reply the same way: we help various industries with their air, water, waste, oil, and safety issues. My father wanted me to be an accountant, but when statistics and marketing surely wasn’t my calling, I followed what I know best—hard work. You don’t just fall into this business. I have embarked on numerous training endeavors; I have absorbed the regulations and applied them with common sense in real-world applications; and I have made the connections that help our company help your company.” –Shara Kay Dine.

Dine-Comply continues to thrive as a female-owned corporation providing guidance in environmental and safety compliance.

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