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Consulting at Your Disposal

Dine Comply, Inc., offers safety consulting for all regulatory requirements per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Our real-world experience allows us to relate to all aspects of employee interactions and help change the mentality of employees as it pertains to safety and actual day-to-day compliance.

Safety shouldn’t be a difficult task. No one wants injuries in the workplace, but injuries happen and they may happen because safety guidelines were never put in place.  We provide safety consultation to help you be compliant, but also to help you be proactive instead of reactive.


Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

We look to “black and white” those gray areas of regulatory requirements. Each of our customers receive individualized treatment because we know one size doesn’t fit all. We cater our consulting services for each client to create actionable plans that will help them reach their goals and ensure compliance.

Safety consulting may include:

  • OSHA Auditing

  • OSHA Training

  • OSHA Program Creation/Implementation

  • OSHA Policies/Procedures

  • Active Shooter Training/Drills

  • Indoor Air Evaluations

  • Noise Dosimetry

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • DOT training/compliance

  • Written program creation and/or revision and implementation

  • Incident investigation

  • Litigation assistance

  • Safety data sheet creation

  • Industrial hygiene services

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