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The core of compliance often leads to the process of recognizing operational requirements, legal obligations and the recognition of various basic indicators. Dine Comply provides a distinct advantage to our clients in the following permitting situations:

  • Installation Permits (including New Source Review Applicability)

  • Title V Operating Permits

  • Synthetic Minor Operating Permits

  • PSD Permits

  • Surface Mine Permits

  • NPDES Permits

  • Industrial Wastewater Permits

  • Storm-water Permits

  • Construction & Industrial

Air permitting projects include the following: 

  • Application Forms

  • Emissions Estimations

  • Emissions Activity Category Forms

  • Process Flow Diagrams

  • Location, Description and Mapping to facilitate comprehensive understanding of facility emissions

  • (PSD Projects Only): Narrative and Calculations to Determine PSD Source Applicability, with take into account emissions calculations/netting analysis/requests for federally-enforceable limits/description of the methodology and results from a BACT Analysis.

  • (PSD Projects Only): Refined Dispersion Modeling and Analysis to determine compliance with NAAQS and Ohio’s Air Toxics Policy

  • (PSD Projects Only): Impact Analysis assessing the effect of air pollution on soils/vegetation/visibility caused by the source

Dine Comply’s permitting actions offer the operational flexibility and the regulatory compliance required by our clients to remain successful while maintaining a positive profile within their communities.

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